Dedicated wealth management platform

We provide solutions to control the cost-efficiency of our clients’ custody and dealing arrangements, as well as to monitor more actively the management of their financial wealth.

We arrange access to banking and custody services, as well as lending capabilities, provided by banking custodians selected for their cost-efficiency and creditworthiness. They operate under strong regulations exclusively within European jurisdictions (UK, Luxembourg and Switzerland).

Beauclerc designs bespoke reporting solutions suited for clients with multi-custodied portfolios, in order to monitor actively the global asset allocation and consolidated performance of their financial wealth, while controlling the cost-efficiency of their existing custody and dealing arrangements.

Independant dealing

Beauclerc opens accounts for its clients with highly-rated custodians, providing usual banking services. Beauclerc dealing platform is based on DVP settlement, connected with best-in-class market counterparties, independent from banking custodians.

Cost efficiency

Banking custodians externalise to us the client relationship supervision and their portfolio dealing activity. We only rely on custodians for custody and lending services, which results in a much lower cost structure than in the traditional private banking model.

Pro-active management

Consolidation of all portfolios activity in Beauclerc proprietary reporting system, by uploading data from all client custodians. Our consolidated reporting aims to improve investment decision through greater pro-activity in clients’ asset allocation management.

Beauclerc consolidated reporting

Beauclerc has designed a fully integrated reporting solution, aiming to provide comprehensive analysis of multi-custodied managed portfolios.

On a daily basis, Beauclerc reporting software downloads all the transaction details from the multiple custodians with whom the family portfolio are held. This allows Beauclerc clients to receive all their portfolio valuations and performance reports in the same format, irrespectively to their custodians. The result is an indepth analysis at the consolidated level, including a more pro-active monitoring of the global asset allocation and its performance. A performance attribution is also available at the consolidated level.

In order to fully reflect the family asset, the portfolio valuation could also include clients' investments in less liquid structures (HF, PE, CRE), as well as the family real assets like residential properties and family businesses.

Finally, the reporting system can also be used to easily aggregate the fees related to all portfolio transactions and custody of securities, in order to estimate the real total expense ratio of the management of the family financial wealth.

Portfolio valuation

Daily portfolio valuations for each individual portfolios and the consolidated asset.
Daily monitoring of the global asset allocation and investment restrictions.


Daily performance reports for each individual accounts and the consolidated asset.
Performance attribution report available at the consolidated level.

Cost efficiency analysis

Comprehensive tariffs report for each individual accounts and the consolidated asset.
Independent monitoring of the real total expense-ratio of the consolidated asset.

Property financing optimisation

Beauclerc combines investment expertise and private-office services in assisting clients wishing to optimise the cost of financing of their residential property acquisitions in Europe (UK, France, Ibiza/Marbella).

Beauclerc offers a turn-key solution including pre-arranged borrowing terms with few European lenders and a pre-agreed minimum cash collateral to be held on an investment account with the selected lender, to achieve a full financing of the property acquisition (instead of a dry mortgage solution).

Cash collateral is held with the lender securing a Lombard facility, used to raise the additional cash needed on top of the proceeds from the mortgage loan, to complete the acquisition. Beauclerc volatility-income strategy is perfectly suited for the management of the cash-collateral, as it is designed to achieve a high level of income with limited capital risk, while achieving a high loan-to-value between 70% to 80%.

This set up allows to cover all the cost of the combined mortgage and Lombard facilities, with the income generated by the managed portfolio.


Appointment of an independent valuation agent approved by the future lender.

Challenge of the valuation assumptions in order to reach a final price close to the purchase price agreed with the seller.


Negotiation of the terms of the loans proposed by lenders, including interest rate index and margin, arranging fees, LTV, etc..

Account opening with the selected lender and preparation of the credit application.

Cash-flow optimisation

LTV negotiation with the lender’s risk department to minimise the cash collateral to be held.

Management of the collateral to generate additional income in order to cover the total cost of interest.